Anglophone Cultural and Literary Studies deals with the history and development of diverse cultural phenomena in the Anglophone world from around 1500 to the present day. Within this field of research, cultural communication and cultural conflicts form important themes and problems. We focus on a range of traditional as well as new media and we examine literary texts, plays, films, TV series and the wide world of popular culture and advertising. These foci are perspectivised in terms of their medial and intermedial genre aspects as well as their communicative potential within a spectrum of cultural contexts, especially with regard to the problematic fields of nation, identity, ethnicity, class and, of course, gender. We also analyse past, present, and future developments of private and public space, we address issues arising from feelings of cultural superiority and the marginalisation of social groups in postcolonial contexts, and we examine the consequences of internationalisation in our increasingly hybrid environment.

Professor of Anglophone Cultural and Literary Studies
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